I’m A Musician & Need A PA System

Are you finding it difficult to find affordable & reliable audio hire for your gigs?


We understand how important it is to get your sound right for the venue you are gigging in.

We have microphones, speakers, mixers, stands, lights and much more.


All our systems come with all the necessary cables – leaving you to concentrate on your performance. We have XLRs, jacks, aux leads and more.

Also, we can offer a sound check service, so you can be confident the sound out front is absolutely perfect to make you sound your best.

If you don’t drive, or would simply like us to deliver your PA system, we will set up up for free at no extra cost.

Alternatively, if you are confident with sound, you can collect your system from our unit on Newburn Industrial Estate, and drop it back the next day so you don’t need to stress straight after the gig and can concentrate on building your fanbase!

All our equipment is PAT tested which means it is safe for any venue – many venues ask for a PAT certificate before the event, so we’ve got this sorted for you.


Which PA system do I need?

The PA system most suitable for your gig all depend on the venue size and number of guests. Always include this information when booking your PA hire. Feel free to call us for free advice.

Can I collect the PA system myself?

Yes, our systems can be collected from Newburn Industrial Estate (a few miles from Newcastle city centre) and don’t need to be returned until the following day.

Can I plug my guitar into the PA?

Yes, as long as you have a working jack input your guitar will go into the system.

Does the system have effects?

All our mixers have reverb to make your vocal sound amazing!

Will the PA system fit in my car?

If you have hired a PA system that is 1-2 speakers it will easily fit into most cars.

Is the equipment insured?

No, you are responsible for the equipment whilst it is in your possession, and you will need to sign the rental agreement on collection. You are welcome to purchase your own insurance for the duration of the hire.